Our Services

Comprehend Counselling

The Diya Education is one of the leading education consultants where you will get a team of certified counsellors that will counsel you to select your preferred choice of country,

Course selection guidance

Choosing from abundant courses sometimes confuses the students to select the right
course for them.

University application process

We administer students in filing their university applications in their preferred choice of universities and course programs as this process may bring excitement to the students

Scholarship assistance

Most colleges offer some type of grant and bursary, and each has its own qualification rules. These include grants varying from 10% to 100%.

Student Visa assistance

When the students get an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) letter from their ideal college after organizing their financial documents and paying the university fees,

Pre-Departure briefings

Once the visa is granted to the students, we provide pre-departure briefings to the students to inform and educate them about numerous things about the city and surroundings.

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